Hitachi Energy, Madrid

Hitachi Energy Spain recently inaugurated its new 2000m2 headquarters in Madrid, Spain.


Madrid, Spain.



MADD Team: Monica Soto, Carmen González, Alejandro Arias.

el proyecto

el concepto

The office, designed by studioMADD is located within the renowned OM building, holds pre-certifications for both LEED and WELL at the Platinum level. The client’s vision for the workplace was to embrace a flexible work scheme that aligns with modern work methods. In addition, both the client and studioMADD shared the common goal of creating a space that truly embodies the company’s mission to foster a carbon-neutral future.

This commitment to sustainability is achieved through the careful selection of innovative suppliers and materials. For example, the office features cork flooring, carbon-neutral carpets, acoustic felts, and countertops made from recycled materials.

Impressively, 90% of the flooring surface used in the project has a negative carbon balance, offering high-end products that combine quality, performance, and unique designs. When it comes to the office design, studioMADD embraces digital transformation. The project considers Hitachi’s diverse workforce, resulting in flexible and inclusive spaces that cater to the needs of the business. Workstations, collaborative spaces, relaxation areas, innovation and product development offer a multitude of possibilities in line with the company’s Hybrid Working Model, ensuring a harmonious balance between efficiency and employee well-being.

Hybrid working is furthermore facilitated by a space booking app that allows users to reserve parking spaces, meeting rooms, and desks for the day.

The result is an environment that cares for the planet and enhances the well-being of its users. The project has been well-received throughout the Hitachi global network, highlighting its success and positive impact.