Zola Villafranca School, Madrid

Madrid, Spain



MADD Team: Iñaki Isla, Carmen González, Christian Maier, Arantxa Torio,

el proyecto

el concepto

The most important part of the education of children aged 3 to 5 years takes place in the playground rather than in the classroom. Due to its importance and significance, many schools and educational institutions have broken traditional paradigms and have opted to explore new possibilities that promote creativity, exploration, discovery, a desire to learn, and foster emotional connections with other students and teachers. The new playground for Colegio Zola in Villafranca del Castillo is designed for the creative and emotional development of students, using natural light, the landscape, sustainable materials, textures, and colours as fundamental elements for a new educational approach.

"Studio MADD considers natural light, the landscape, sustainable materials, textures and colours as fundamental elements for a new educational proposal."

Located in an idyllic setting, the new playground recreates a natural environment with wooden huts, hills, green areas, rivers, and pathways where games and furniture made from sustainable materials are situated.

"An experience of colours and textures for a unique learning space in a natural environment."

Studio MADD redesigns the space to create a new setting of shadows and colours through an architecture in the form of huts that aims to break away from the original image of the playground. A structure of CLT wooden beams and pillars for the new educational spaces that promote reflection, concentration, and exposure for the children. The first of the huts houses an open amphitheatre facing the playground, where classes or outdoor sessions can be held. The second and third huts are designed for concentration and reflection, featuring different colours, textures, and interplay of light and shadow. These smaller-scale spaces contribute to the emotional development of the students. The last hut serves as the new storage area, a necessary space for storing playground equipment, materials, and gardening tools for the new urban garden located next to it. On the other side of the playground, next to the sandbox, is the new horizontal climbing wall, which will contribute to the development of the motor skills of the children.