Asuncion Cuesta Blanca School, Madrid

MADD for 3g office - Design and Refurbishment of a School designed by Fisac






el proyecto

el concepto

Asunción de Cuestablanca School is one of the most significant works of Miguel Fisac, one of Spain's most singular architects of the past century. The school was ​​built in 1965 and is made up of several halls built in exposed concrete and covered bone beams. The halls are joined by ramps that communicate different levels while the classrooms are staggered to obtain interesting independent views. The School commissioned us to update the school’s image, to renovate areas that were worn out and to improve some areas that were not fit for purpose.

We approached the project with the greatest respect for Fisac’s ​​architecture and looked at transforming the image of the school whilst highlighting the virtues of the existing architecture.

One of the main challenges we encountered was the minor refurbishments that the school had uncdergone over the past decades. They were executed without a common leitmotiv and with little respect for Fisac’s work.

From the onset our intention was to unify all those works under a common concept, to give the school a sense of entity and a common language.

The incorporation of sustainable and environmentally-friendly materials, natural wood and the use of colours to help students navigate the floors and classrooms, were key to achieve the project's goals and to reach perfect harmony with the existing architecture.