Co-living, Madrid

MADD team: Iñaki Isla, Monica Soto. In collab with Keizer Koopmans

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Design proposal

el proyecto

el concepto

Studio MADD, in collaboration with the Dutch studio Keizer Koopmans, has come together to develop an innovative concept for the residential complex located at Julián Camarillo 43 in Madrid. The primary objective of this design is to maximise the possibilities and opportunities offered by the plot while introducing a novel Co-Living approach, thereby creating a potential home for a community that lives in the city and actively engages with it.

The project is characterised by its ability to accommodate a wide diversity of functions, ranging from public and commercial spaces to squares and various housing typologies, in harmony with the diverse dynamics of the city of Madrid.

A notable aspect of the design is the choice of Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) as the primary material in the building structures. This choice, combined with sustainable energy supply techniques, demonstrates a commitment to sustainable urban development for the future while contributing to the energy efficiency of the complex. The arrangement of functions on the plot has been carefully planned to establish an optimal relationship with the surrounding environment. A public access plaza has been designed at the front of the complex, inviting the local community to participate and enjoy the space. On the other hand, at the back, there is a more enclosed inner courtyard exclusively dedicated to residences, providing a more private and tranquil atmosphere.

The focus on activating public space is evident in the design, as the street front and the public plaza on the ground floor are fully open and host public functions.

This creates a welcoming and attractive environment to draw people in and encourage interaction within the community space. An additional feature is the shared rooftop terrace, strategically located along the plaza. Visually, it integrates with the public space, but access is restricted to residents, fostering cohesion and community life among the complex's inhabitants. In summary, the project at Julián Camarillo 43 represents a fusion of innovative design, sustainability, and community engagement, creating a space that is not only a place to live but also a place to experience the vitality and diversity of the city of Madrid.