Co-living, Madrid

In collaboration with Keizer Koopmans- Design proposal and placemaking co-living building

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Design proposal

el proyecto

el concepto

MADD for 3g office and Dutch studio Keizer Koopmans design a concept for developing a residential complex at 43 Julián Camarillo in Madrid. The design is based on maximising the possibilities and opportunities of the plot combined with the innovative Co-Living concept. The project tries to achieve a home for a community that lives in the city, for the city.

The project offers different types of public and commercial programs and housing typologies. This is why the project embraces diversity, a reflection of the city of Madrid.

Using wood as the main material for the structures and combining it with sustainable techniques for energy supply, the proposal shows an example of sustainable urban development for the future. The design of the plot provides a public access plaza at the front and a more enclosed interior courtyard with dwellings at the rear. All functions are positioned in such a way that an optimal relationship with the surrounding space is established. To attract people and ignite the public space, the street’s front and the public square on the ground floor are completely enclosed with public functions. A shared rooftop terrace is located along the square, visually being part of the public space, albeit only accessible for residents.

This initial concept shows a result of a first study phase. The intention of this design is to explore the possibilities of co-living and its functions as a compelling and motivating starting point of an ongoing research