MdM, Madrid

Design proposal for a mixed-use building: residential and office use

Mixed Use




Design proposal

el proyecto

el concepto

Studio MADD was commissioned to conceive an innovative concept for the residential and commercial complex located on Marqués de Mondejar Street, approximately 3 kilometres from Retiro Park in Madrid.

The site consisted of several industrial warehouses and workshops that required a thorough preliminary study to determine the best strategy for the conservation and utilisation of the existing infrastructure.

The project is divided into two types of use. On one hand, there is the residential building facing the main street, and on the other, there is the complex of commercial spaces and offices that occupies the rest of the site.

The rectangular-shaped residential building houses 21 luxury units, including one, two, and three-bedroom apartments, as well as duplex penthouses with terraces on the upper floors.

The office buildings preserve part of the original structure and the external facades of the existing warehouses, creating a new inner courtyard within the block, where the main communication cores are located.

Around this spacious atrium, the new office space has been designed with an innovative structure composed of Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) slabs that work in conjunction with the framework of steel and concrete beams and pillars. The interior facades of this complex vary depending on their orientation, but all maintain a consistent aesthetic language with vertical wooden and aluminium slats, which is also reflected in the main entrances of the building.

The rooftop, accessible from all cores, houses a large garden with outdoor workspaces and recreational and wellness areas, providing an attractive environment for the complex's users.