OM Torre Rioja, Madrid

MADD for 3g office - Placemaking and concept design for the ground floor and atrium






el proyecto

el concepto

The OM office building is located in the San Blas district in Madrid. San Blas was an industrial district that is being converted into Madrid's technological hub. This building offers 36,000m2 of office space, restaurant and leisure areas distributed over 5 floors separated by a large central atrium that gives life to that space. The client commissioned us to design the buidling’s common areas and main façade as well as the business strategy and plan for the ground floor and communication core. The architectural proposal rests on creating several wood volumens that traverse the central atrium towards the agora area at the back of the building. Those volumes give meaning to the space and unify the different areas along the central atrium.

The result is a human space for real people. A space designed for the future needs of tenants and businesses. A space that boosts productivity beyond the office.

The ground floor provides all common areas of the building such as business center spaces, co-working areas, innovation spaces, a food market with a cafeteria and outdoor canteen areas, as well as places for fun and encounters, such as the agora, where big events can be hosted. This ground floor also includes sport areas, wellness and relaxation areas. On the second floor, surrounded by vegetation, a large wooden volume emphasizes the entrance to the building from the main street, Julian Camarillo. The architectural proposal is enhanced by abundant vegetation, creating a multipurpose area for the hosting of events. The architectural proposal includes a tree-lined area along the central atrium that reaches its peak in the forest, a place where to promote community-buidling.

A building that unites, visually and functionally, making it whole, making it a hub.

The project has been designed under LEED Platinum and WELL Platinum certifications, providing the building with exceptional services.