OM Torre Rioja, Madrid

MADD for 3g office - Placemaking and concept design for the ground floor and atrium






el proyecto

el concepto

OM∞ building in Madrid, which is renowned as one of the most expansive and sustainable projects in the country as ir holds prestigious certifications like LEED and WELL Platinum, as well as the coveted AEO A+ certification That said, the owner and developer of the building, Torre Rioja, believed that it required a "story and purpose." It needed to become a place rather than just a building and called a restricted concept competition that studioMADD won. Our design populated the common areas of the building with an array of functions that supported their future tenants while they humanised the spatial experience. To achieve this, we proposed cladding the main volume overhanging the entrance and the communication cores in timber.

The result is a human space for real people. A space designed for the future needs of tenants and businesses. A space that boosts productivity beyond the office.

The ground layout provided a building wide business centre, co-working space, and innovation area. It also featured a food market with a canteen and the agora, a large gathering space equipped with a screen for hosting events of any kind. Additionally, in the outdoor area of the ground floor, contiend the sports, wellness, and relaxation area.

A building that unites, visually and functionally, making it whole, making it a hub.

On the second floor, the large wooden volume stands out, emphasising the entrance to the building from the main street, Julián Camarillo. This space, surrounded by vegetation, functions as a versatile area for the adjacent offices to hold outdoor events. The outcome is a design that enhances the user experience, positions the building as an innovation hub, and offers tenants valuable functions that can be leased on demand under one roof.