New Relic, Barcelona

MADD for 3g office - Workplace, Design, AOR and lead consultant role






el proyecto

el concepto

New Relic approached the team for the design of their new offices in Barcelona for this young US software-analysis company. Due to their continuous growth New Relic needed to relocate from Balmes street in Barcelona’s city centre, to new premises. After a careful building.selection process they selected the iconic Glòries Tower, by Jean Novel, as their new home. Torre Glòries is located in the well-known District @22, a hub for technology and innovation companies.

MADD was able to design practical and bright offices despite the circular plant and random openings.

One of the main challenges of the project is the famous building where it is located. We overcame the lack of natural light with warm and neutral materials. The circular shape was circumvented with the arrangement of the workstations in a radial fashion, taking full advantage of the space.

The client demands excellence, innovation and originality with an agreed budget that must be respected.