Oracle Digital, Malaga

MADD for 3g office - Workplace, Design, AOR and lead consultant role






el proyecto

el concepto

The south of Malaga is becoming a hub for technological companies. Attracting and retaining talent is becoming a challenge and Oracle Digital faced this challenge and approached us to redesign their offices in Malaga, located in the technological business district.

The project needed to reflect Oracle Digital´s cultural transformation as well as embrace the multinational background of their staff.

The workplace is arranged on a 1:1 desk allocation, yet offers an array of alternative work settings that vary from two-people rooms to larger, informal, collaborative spaces.

This project has given us a real-time insight into how Tech companies approach the workplace and what really adds value and makes a difference in terms of space provision.

The project includes a small heath centre, a staff restaurant and a rooftop terrace to provide the right staff amenities. Meanwhile, the visitors’ centre provides the right experience for tech savvies, clients and staff alike. The project is highly innovative on many levels.