Oracle NetSuite, Barcelona

MADD for 3g office - Design and site management at Torre Glories






el proyecto

el concepto

Over the last few years, District @22 has become the place to house innovation & technology offices in Barcelona. After a careful selection process, Oracle NetSuite decided to rent 4 floors of the iconic Glories Tower, by Jean Novel, as their new home. We were appointed to design those new offices.

Oracle Netsuite was seeking an exciting, groundbreaking and original workplace, but above all an efficient one.

The workplace concept divided the circular floor plan into two: One side with a warm palette and radially arranged workstations for dynamic and collaborative work, whilst the other area is more formal and quiet, with closed meeting rooms and quiet locations for individual focus time and reflection.

Every room was designed as a unique entity, with an individual personality.

Netsuite gives great importance to its identity and so every little detail was taken into consideration when designing and choosing the theme for each room. Every single one is different, with a distinct personality, the floor and wall finishing, as well as the decorative lighting and wall fixings, make each space unique: Gravity, radiographies, binary codes, technology wars, rubber, batteries, zeppelin, astronauts, Lego…are just some examples of the fun themes of those unique and personal rooms.