Publicis Media Groupe, Madrid

MADD for 3g office – Workspace Design and site management






el proyecto

el concepto

Publicis Media Groupe faced the challenge of consolidating their 14 agencies from 4 different locations into a single building. However, the main driver behind this project was not just optimization and real estate, but rather the strategic move of Groupe towards becoming a holding company, offering clients a fully integrated service. This model was successfully tested by Publicis Groupe in Paris and is now being implemented in Madrid. They sailed studioMADD´s team to assist them with the challenge.

Essentially, this project aims to create spaces that facilitate collaboration and accommodate various work styles and branding needs.

The design had to strike a balance and ensure that leading companies such as Saatchi & Saatchi, Leo Burnett, and Publicis Media could coexist in the same space while maintaining their distinct brand identities, work styles, and market sectors.

The result is a dynamic space that serves as a canvas, fostering collaboration and going beyond mere cooperation. It emphasizes the importance of creating a vibrant community of shared interests.

The office features 860 workstations, well-appointed meeting rooms (including one named after Marcel Bluestein himself), a staff restaurant, a music room, a boxing studio, and several collaborative and informal spaces.