Beazley Insurance, Barcelona

MADD for 3g office - Design & Build offices at Torre Glories






el proyecto

el concepto

Beazley Insurance needed larger premises to accommodate its continuous growth and, most importantly, to create a staff and client experience that truly reflects Beazley's business culture and values. To fulfil this mission, they leased the top floor of Barcelona's iconic skyscraper, Torre Glories, boasting breathtaking 360º views of the city.

The design concept co-developed with studioMADD´s team, aimed at breaking down spatial boundaries for both clients and employees, fostering shared experiences and services.

Despite the modest 450 square metre floor plan, careful consideration was given to staff amenities and client spaces to create a sense of openness.

In addition to workstations and collaborative areas, the office space was thoughtfully designed to incorporate areas for relaxation, dining, and overall well-being.

A significant challenge was accommodating a wide range of areas and work styles within such a limited space. However, through intelligent planning, agile working practices, flexible utilisation, and thoughtful space allocation, we successfully overcome this hurdle. The result is a harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetics, optimising the available space to its fullest potential while ensuring the comfort and productivity of all who occupy it.