La Casa Chapinero, Bogota

Change of use of an obsolete building

Mixed Use




Design Proposal

el proyecto

el concepto

Studio MADD was commissioned by Orange Investments to develop an innovative rehabilitation concept for an office complex, artist workshops, art galleries, and residences in the Chapinero neighbourhood, located in the centre of Bogotá, Colombia.

This project involves a comprehensive transformation of two adjacent office buildings that originally had separate entrances and communication cores. The goal is to consolidate them into a single building.

The success of this intervention lies in the proposal to create an atrium that vertically spans all the floors of the building, connecting, ventilating, and illuminating the space.

This allows for the coexistence of various uses, such as co-living, co-working, workshops, a restaurant, and an art gallery.

On the lower floors, the more public functions of the complex are located. On the ground floor, there is a spacious gallery that serves as a connection point between the two entrances to the building, followed by the co-working space and workshops for artists. On the intermediate floors, you will find private art galleries and large auditoriums that act as windows to the city by opening up on the main façade. On the upper floors, there are co-living spaces for artists, situated near the restaurant area and the private club on the rooftop, which offers spectacular views of the city of Bogotá.