Retica Merlin, Lisbon

Public space proposal to communicate 4 individual buildings belonging to Merlin Properties

Mixed use




Design Proposal

el proyecto

el concepto

Merlin, one of the prominent developers in the Iberian Peninsula, owns four separate buildings located on the former site of Lisbon's Universal Exposition. These high-rise buildings, situated on the same street, have great potential to serve as a campus for Merlin tenants. Our proposal aims to assign distinct functions to each building, with a focus on supporting and attracting various activities.

The entire intervention is organized into five zones: PLAY, SHARE, RELAX, INFORM, and CREATE.

Each area will be strategically positioned near the buildings, encouraging a sense of community, gathering, and well-being through the introduction of new services.

To unify these separate structures into a cohesive campus, we propose connecting the buildings with a gantry and incorporating commercial units along the perimeter.

To establish visual coherence, we suggest implementing cost-effective blue geometric patterns on the floor. Our goal is to transform this collection of buildings into a thriving community that fosters a sense of togetherness and well-being.