Campus Nestle, Barcelona

MADD Team: Marta Taboada, Monica Soto, Iñaki Isla. Collab: Scoop


Barcelona, Spain.



Design Proposal

el proyecto

el concepto

Nestlé needed to refurbish the exterior and common spaces of its campus in Barcelona made up of 3 buildings and multifunctional spaces located on a large plot of land close to the city centre. studioMADD was invited to submit a proposal for the competition.

Our proposal took advantage of outdoor spaces and used them as hybrid, complementary work and leisure spaces. Human spaces that promote productivity beyond the office space.

We thought of experiences that adapt and change with time to meet the employees’ needs. Flexible and adaptable spaces, that change purpose as the day goes by to suit Nestlé’s changing needs, were conceived. For example, a collaboration space for the morning shift could be transformed into a meeting space for the afternoon and relaxation space for the night shift. Nothing remains static; everything is infused with dynamism, mirroring the vibrant spirit of Barcelona.

These spaces effortlessly adapt to different work styles and shift patterns, promoting productivity. The architectural design unifies the floors and frames picturesque views.