Wework, Madrid

Project Management

Calle de Goya, 36. Madrid

Junio 2023

5.209,15 m2

MADD Team: Carmen Gonzalez, Jaime Smith, Mila Bonilla, Christian Maier, Gonzalo Martin.

el proyecto

el concepto

Studio MADD in collaboration with Wework played a prominent role in the project management and execution of this project located at Calle de Goya 36, in the Salamanca neighbourhood. This coworking space stands as an unparalleled enclave for businesses, where a meticulous transformation of the eight floors of the building has been carried out to create an innovative and vibrant work environment.

The preliminary design was conceived by the Wework design studio, with evident flexibility in mind, featuring bright lounges, conference rooms, and inspiring private offices.

This allows for adaptation to the ever-changing dynamics of businesses and the needs of teams. Each floor has been meticulously planned to foster collaboration and interaction among professionals.

The vision behind this project is clear: to create a contemporary, versatile, and welcoming workspace that stimulates collaboration, fosters creativity, and enhances the well-being of its occupants.

The fusion of cutting-edge architectural elements, state-of-the-art technology, and sustainable practices results in an exceptional environment that reflects the needs and values of modern companies.

Every corner of the building serves a specific purpose, from collaborative workspaces that promote synergy to relaxation areas that invite relaxation and meeting rooms that facilitate effective decision-making. In conclusion, this coworking space at Calle de Goya 36 is a place where the vision of a more dynamic and productive future of work comes to life in an elegant and enriching environment, supported by Studio MADD's expertise in project execution and construction management.