Google, Madrid


Torre Picasso, Madrid.



MADD Team: Carlos Mendez, Bea Aguayo,Carmen Gonzalez, Monica Soto, Iñaki Isla. Photography: Belen Imaz

el proyecto

el concepto

When the project was designed, Google occupied four levels in Torre Picasso, an iconic tower in Madrid's financial district. To facilitate its ongoing expansion, they leased an extra floor and renovated two existing floors. The main objective of this project is to offer employees a broader range of facilities and environments that enhance their work experience and enable them to achieve peak performance.

The proposed design aligns with Google's global workplace strategy while adapting to the local context. It incorporates sustainable materials and fosters inclusivity.

Level 21 introduces more workstations and meeting rooms, along with various spaces designed to encourage creative thinking. These include a collaborative area, a small video recording studio, a games room, a makers room, and a music room.

Additionally, a conference room and product showcase space enhance the experience for visitors.

Local identity is celebrated by the carefully selected murals adorning the walls, which embody Madrid's vibrant street spirit and transform the journey through the space into a constant voyage of discovery. To add a touch of artistic flair, we collaborated with Boa Mistura, a renowned Madrid graffiti artist group, to create custom murals for each floor.