Confidential technology client, Madrid

MADD for 3g office - Workplace, Design, AOR and lead consultant role






el proyecto

el concepto

The client currently occupies levels 22, 23, 26 and 27 of an iconic tower, located in Madrid´s financial district. In order to accommodate its constant growth, the company decided to lease one additional floor, level 21, and refurbish two of their current floors. The project aims to provide employees with a greater array of facilities and settings to support their work and the possibility to perform at their best.

The proposed design responds to the client’s key goals: it is based on the global strategy and adapted to the local context, uses sustainable materials and seeks to be fully inclusive.

Level 21 presents additional workstations and meeting rooms, as well as an array of spaces that promote creative thinking, such as a collaborative space, a small video recording studio, a games room, a makers room and a music room. The visitors’ experience is enhanced with a conference room and space to showcase the client’s products.

We collaborated with Boa Mistura, a renowned Madrid Graffiti artist group, to create special commissioned murals for the different floors.

Level 27 offers a dedicated wellbeing space featuring a studio for low impact exercise, adequate changing and shower rooms as well as a multi-functional treatment room. Being able to understand employees’ realities provides a unique space to focus on local identity. That is the reason why the walls were filled with Madrid’s street spirit with murals painted by renowned artists. The murals’ meanings have been carefully selected and transform the journey into constant discovery.