Google Campus for startups, Madrid


Madrid, Spain.

March 2022


MADD Team: Alejandro Arias, Carmen Gonzalez. Photography: Belen Imaz.

el proyecto

el concepto

The Google for Startups Campus in Madrid plays a crucial role in the city's startup ecosystem, offering unwavering support to budding businesses and fostering innovation. By refurbishing the ground and mezzanine levels, Google aimed to celebrate togetherness, collaboration, and growth. This transformation creates an ideal setting for the community and future startups to connect, co-create, work, and thrive.

Our intervention focused on unveiling the building's architectural beauty by exposing the original brick walls, hidden beneath layers of modifications.

Blending history with modernity, the space seamlessly combines past innovation with the campus's innovative spirit. The result is a vibrant environment that pays homage to past achievements while creating the perfect backdrop for envisioning groundbreaking inventions that will shape the future.

We are honoured to announce that this project has received the prestigious Golden Arch Award in 2022.