Google, Madrid


Torre Picasso, Madrid.



MADD Team: Carlos Mendez, Bea Aguayo,Carmen Gonzalez, Monica Soto, Iñaki Isla. Photography: Belen Imaz

el proyecto

el concepto

This is the second project delivered by studioMADD's team for Google. In this instance, we were contacted to expand one additional floor of their existing offices in Torre Picasso, one of Madrid's most iconic towers.

The project was awarded just one month prior to the global COVID-induced lockdown, and the entire design was developed during the lockdown period.

This had several impacts on the project, particularly in terms of design flexibility and workplace considerations.

Regarding flexibility, the layout and lighting have been carefully crafted to be easily adjustable by the Facilities team as needed.

In terms of the workplace, the project team anticipated that the return to the office would not be straightforward and that circumstances might continue to change. Consequently, we incorporated several sharing ratios, which was a novel approach for Google, as well as collaborative spaces suitable for hybrid working. These spaces feature screens and audio features to facilitate seamless in person and virtual meetings.

The result is a space that, like many others, is future-proofed, but with the significant difference that it can be easily rearranged by the users themselves. Additionally, the space has successfully adapted to the new reality and post-COVID world.

The project has been recognized with 5 AIS Stars for accessibility and has received the prestigious Google International Workplace Award in 2021.